Wall Insulation

Drill & Fill

The process: Small holes are drilled into each bay of the wall. Then, cellulose insulation is blown directly into the wall or ceiling to fill it using an insulation blowing machine. This technique ensures that every area of the wall or ceiling is filled with insulation – something that is not always possible with traditional padded insulation. Once this insulation has been installed, our technicians patch the wall and paint it to match the original color. If a panel was removed from the house exterior, it is fitted back on for a seamless finish.


Homes built before 1979 typically have little or no wall insulation. In many homes padded insulation does not completely fill the space it encompasses, allowing for excess heat to escape into or out of the home. Filling every bay with insulation ensures maximum insulation benefits with the highest possible R-value for wall insulation. R-value measures how effective insulation performs in various parts of the home, so a higher number equates to maximum energy efficiency. On older homes that might already have old wall insulation, drill and fill techniques can be used to re-insulate the walls and provide an easy solution to the portions of old insulation that are cracked or worn.