Rodent Removal and Sanitization

Eliminate Problematic Pests

Rodents are the worst offenders for infiltrating your home and attic. These pests will burrow into insulation and chew on the wires in your home which could lead to power outages or fires. Before installing new insulation, it is important to ensure your house is sealed from cracks where critters can slip in. Cellulose insulation containing borate is a great way to safely deal with pests. Borate is a naturally occurring mineral. Borate is a class A fire retardant; it limits the spread of fire and does not produce any smoke as well as being odorless.

The Process

Before installing insulation, we will determine if there are any complications such as rodent infiltration. Our desanitization process restores your area to its original or better condition while protecting the pure air quality throughout the entire home. Sanitizer is sprayed to disinfect and remove odor. Damaged insulation, vapor-barriers, rodent waste and garbage are removed for new materials to replace the old ones. We use green attic cleaning solution that does not contain any toxins, alcohol, VOC’s, or bleach. Our cellulose blown in insulation is equipped with rodent repellent as well as fire retardant.